Enjoy spooktacular fun at the Fort

— Created October 6, 2021 by Kathy Reed

By Shannon Bly

Ghostly specters will be haunting one of the region’s most popular attractions again this year. Fright at Fort Casey will continue its tradition of hair-raising, blood-curdling, creepy Halloween fun every weekend in October and will be open Saturdays and Sundays from 1 to 3 p.m.

Explore the dark tunnels of Kingsbury Battery but beware of what lurks in the shadows and might jump out to surprise you. For families with younger kids, pop-up tents in front of the fort will provide Halloween-themed activities and games.

 “The Fright at Fort Casey provides an opportunity for family and friends to get out and have fun together,” said event coordinator Sharon Young-Hale.

This year’s event is a scaled down version of past haunted forts, which typically ran for one weekend in October and drew crowds of over 2,000 people, requiring 160 volunteers and a large variety of props and costumes.

To keep everyone safe, the haunted fort has been pared down to approximately 20 volunteers and won’t include after-dark sessions. The indoor fright event, recommended for folks 12 years and over, will capitalize on the element of surprise and “use of the unknown, sounds, and senses” to scare its visitors, said Young-Hale.

“The wonderful actors who have helped us in the past will be there to ‘impress’ the older brave souls. I hope to hear the laughter and screams, that brought smiles to all that participate,” said Wayne Clark, president of the Keepers of Admiralty Head Lighthouse, which sponsors the event along with Fort Casey State Park.

“In years past,” said Young-Hale, “We’ve been able to raise funds for restoration projects for the Admiralty Head lighthouse.”

When Young-Hale first suggested the idea of a haunted fort back in 2015, the Keepers decided to give it a try.

“Little did we know how successful this idea would evolve,” said Clark. “Our first night we had 500 guests, and the second night we came close to shutting down the event because we ran out of parking space.”

Clark has been in charge of parking in past haunted fort events.

“I love the joy and many ‘Thank you’s as the event attendees leave after having the fun this event gives all ages,” he said. “It’s hard to decide who is having more fun, the actors who scare, or the attendees who are scared! Both voices in the dark sound like it is a memorable event!”

“It is important to keep the event going because especially in these trying times, it provides a safe, fun event that families can enjoy,” said Young-Hale.

This year’s event costs $1, to cover basic expenses. The entrance fee applies to the event portion of the fort only – other areas remain free. Masks and social distancing are required to participate in both the children’s area and the haunted battery. Discover Passes are required for parking. For information, call 360-678-7475.