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Island Senior Resources

  • Living with Technology
  • From the Executive Director: Two Steps Forward, One Step Back by Cheryn Weiser
  • Imposters Everywhere by Tony Leahy
  • Stategies for Well-being: Part 6 – Building a Practice of Mindfulness by Betsy Griffith
  • Senior Thrift Specials Calendar

The Center in Oak Harbor

  • It May Not Be Italy, But Holland is Nice by Liz Lange
  • 2,021 Miles to Go by Sonney Wolft
  • Whidbey Island Genealogical Researchers (W.I.G.S.)
  • Classes and Events: Aging Mastery Program • Brunch Boxes • St. Patrick's Day Lunch

— Support Group Meetings now available online

— Free Powerful Tools for Caregivers Class on Zoom

— Getting Ready for Medicare

— Learn the Basics of Social Security

— March Meals on Wheels Menu