Daniel Bernard Trudeau

November 5, 1957 — September 8, 2023

Daniel Bernard Trudeau was born in Beverly Hills Hospital in Los Angeles, Calif., Nov. 5, 1957, and lived with his maternal grandparents for six months and then his mother, Patricia Ann Trudeau. He passed away at the Platinum Care 365 Adult Family Home, Oak Harbor, Sept. 8, 2023.

During his childhood, Daniel grew up and enjoyed many lives in many California cities until he was 15. At that time, he moved with his parents to Chattaroy and then later to Spokane when he was 20. He was trained and then started his career as a Respiratory Therapist in Washington state. This he did until 2011, when he became disabled at the age of 53.

Daniel is survived by his spouse, Sirikorn Jitprasertporn, and his two daughters from his first marriage: Sarah Deanne McCollum, who was born in 1982, and Kimberly Ramella, who was born in 1985. They reside in Wenatchee and Chelan, Wash.

Daniel loved travelling to Europe, Russia, Canada and many interesting places in the U.S.A., the adventure lives, several fun activities, helping many people and delivering 1,000 high risk babies and adopted and restored a Lookout Mt. for the USFS. He had built three homes by himself and helped his parents to build the homes, too. The favorite things he spent time doing was climbing the mountains; in total 250 mountains by age 53; he loved to ride, ran the road race, and camped and skied from the top of Mission Ridge and Switzerland.

Daniel liked to go for walks on the trails in Leavenworth, Mission Ridge and many trails in Washington while hugging the tall, big trees and breathing the fresh air of the forests. His special favorite thing was his hot tub at home or at Sol Duc Hot Springs.

Daniel was loved and beloved by his entire family, wives, friends, and everyone who met him and talked to him. No one will ever forget him sharing all the smart and valuable experiences he had and the time we shared with each other, especially his smiling and humorous ways to make people smile and laugh. He never seemed to be mad at anyone.

We do and did miss this valuable man who passed away at too early an age and will never forget everything he taught every day.

Get good rest Danny, nestled within God’s warm embrace. The happy and honest man, Daniel Bernard Trudeau, will no longer experience the suffering or painful health issues he lived with.